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Together, we can achieve more

Established in 1973 by nine Korean immigrants, KCS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to crafting and implementing a diverse array of social service programs to address the various needs of communities in the greater New York City region. KCS aspires to create a future where immigrant communities take pride in their cultural heritage and collaborate harmoniously with the wider society to foster an improved and more inclusive community.

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Our mission is to serve as a bridge connecting Korean immigrants and the broader Asian community, enabling their active involvement in society while surmounting economic, health, and language obstacles, ultimately fostering their independence and prosperity within the community. To fulfill this mission, we offer compassionate and easily accessible programs in crucial domains such as Aging, Education, Immigration, Mental Health, Public Health, and Workforce Development. Emphasizing the strength of our community, generosity plays a pivotal role in supporting our cause. Fundraising stands as a vital aspect of the KCS community, unwavering in its dedication to sustain our mission as a steadfast bridge for the immigrant community.

Our mission started with nine, now it continues with you.